Homes For Westminster

Homes For Westminster is a unique intermediate housing service which enables eligible households to be prioritised for intermediate rental or home ownership opportunities within the City of Westminster. The service was launched in April 2009 and to date it has helped over 2,000 households to find a rental or home ownership property within Westminster.


Forthcoming Viewings

53 Porchester Road, Royal Oak, W2 5DX - The Accelerator Scheme - 1 x 1 bed & 1 x 3 bed apartments - viewing shortly (contact us now)

Submitted on 15 June 2024 - 17:00

1 x 1 bed located on the 1st floor - available now 

1 x 3 bed located on the 3rd floor - available 

This is a new build development located in Royal Oak, incorporating 33 residential units, 22 of which are available on the Accelerator Scheme.

The development has the benefit of a lift, cycle storage and a roof top garden,

All apartments are supplied with a washing machine, integrated fridge freezer.

Priority for any advertised 2 or 3 bed apartments is to families with dependent children.

The 3 bed apartments have dishwashers.

Dibdin House, Maida Vale, W9 1QH - The Accelerator Scheme - 2 x 2 bed apartments (priority to families with dependent children) - viewing shortly (contact us now)

Submitted on 10 June 2024 - 17:05
Please note: You must have £22,500 of savings to be eligible for this scheme. This product gives the option of up to 3 years of intermediate rent, followed by a chance to receive an enhanced deposit, for the purchase of a home elsewhere.


Priority bandings of registrants - due to increased home working

Submitted on 7 December 2022 - 10:35

We are aware that many of our registrants are working from home on a more frequent basis due to hybrid working practices. 

Please note that in terms of your Homes For Westminster priority banding, this will not be changed.

If an applicant has their place of work based in Westminster, whilst their home is located outside of Westminster, providing their working from home is a temporary arrangement, they will still be viewed as being a Westminster worker with Homes For Westminster.